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  • 24x330ml cans Flavours: Orange Original 24x380ml plastic screw cap bottles Flavours: Orange, Orignal, Caribbean Crush, Tropical, Strawberry, Cherry, Melonade 12x500ml plastic sports cap bottles Flavours: Orange, Caribbean Crush, Raspberry, Cherry 12x1ltr plastic screw cap bottles
  • Volvic Mineral Water Volvic Mineral Water available for you in all size, Volvic 24x500ml, 84 cases per pallet Volvic Mineral Water 121.5lr, 12x1ltr, 24x500ml Volvic 12x1ltr sports cap, 84 cases per pallet Volvic 121.5ltr, 70 cases per pallet
  • Brand Name: Vittel Branded mineral water of eu origin VITTEL PET 24x33cl VITTEL PET 24x50cl VITTEL PET 15x75cl VITTEL PET 15x1L VITTEL PET 121.5L Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: 1L and 500ml Bottles
  • V is New Zealands favourite energy drink, having won Kiwis hearts and taste buds since it launched in August 1997. V has taken the New Zealand energy drink market by storm, capturing over 60% of the market and driving the acceptance of energy drinks in a daytime environment. At its heart, V is about giving consumers the energy to inspire the unexpected. This has been communicated through some of New Zealands most loved advertising.
  • Specifications 1.Filling heads:18 2.Total power:3.18kw 3.Capacity:5000b/h 4.Glass bottle Specifications CLASSIC SERIES 330 ML 24 CANS / CARTON
  • Specifications Shark Stimulation Energy Drink Shark Stimulation Drink 24250 ml 120 Cases/ Pallet Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: 24 cans in case; 108 cases on pallet
  • Ingredients:

    Carbonated Water, Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate), Flavourings (including Quinine), Sweetener (Aspartame), Contains a source of Phenylalanine


    • Store cool and dry.

    Recycling Info:

    • Card Widely Recycled Carton
  • SanPellegrino 250ml glass SanPellegrino 500ml glass Sanpellegrino 750ml glass Sanpellegrino 1000ml glass San Pellegrino all range of products: Glass/ PET/ Cans: 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml. PET /Cans SP Limonata
  • Detailed Product Description: Item Name:Energy Drink Specification: 250ml, 330ml, and 500ml Country of Origin: Austria Best Quality and Taste. Type: Energy Drink Shelf Life: Less than 18 Months Packaging: Full Truck: 33 pallets (3,564 Cases ) in 40 ft container / 24 pallets per 20 ft container 108 Trays in each pallet 24 cans in each tray
  • Origin:Austria 32 pallets in 40 ft container / 26 pallets per 20 ft container Product: Red Bull 250 ml can Type: Energy Drink Text: labels, sticker in English or As buyer will want. Cans per Τray: 24 Min. Quantity ( per Shipment ): 1 x 40 FCL x 32 pallets x 108 trays =3456 trays per 40 FCL
  • ABV: 58.6%
    Volume: 70cl
    Bottler: Distillery
    Vintage: 2005
    Age: 10 Year Old