Dry Fish Maw

//Dry Fish Maw

Dry Fish Maw

Packing: PP bag

30kgs/pkg, 40kgs/pkg, 50kgs/pkg

20\'dc: 3tons / 40\'hc : 6tons


Product Description

fish maw is the air bladder of the fish and we sell the best quality and the lowest price in market. No holes, no blood.We have available Ling Fish Maw,Catfish maw,Corvina Fish Maw Etc for sale.

We’re real processor for dried fish Maws & other dried seafood, we supply arround 100tons fish maws/ montha.

if u hv any require, pls give me the chance to offer price for u. i make sure u will hv competitive price & high quality product. I appreciate very much if you give me a little precious time to look over my ad from here. We are always available to the seafood of your choice. The cheapest fish, the best fish, best supplier and your best choice. All for your satisfaction.


Dried Fish Maw

Fish maw is the air bladder in a fish.?
– High-protein low-fat food;?
– Has a tonic value;?
– Good for nourishing and skin


Length: 22-26 cm

Weight: 50-60 pieces kg

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